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Who’s Driving Mobile Payments? (Hint: Some Are Barely Old Enough to Drive) (via GigaOM)

November 5, 2010

Millenials are proving to be the demographic segment that will drive mobile payments…in research. I’m not disagreeing with the findings here, but let’s keep an eye on some key personas that could find mobile payments to be of interest, because it solves real-life problems.

Small businesses are at the top of my list here.  Mobile payments and invoicing should be top of mind for business that collect revenue onsite via checks on delivery, cash or costly remote card processing solutions if they take cards at all.  Mobile payments also gives the ability for partial payments on completion of a project or after inspection of completed work.   These behaviors do not exist yet, but I’m sure there are many a home-delivery company who would like to collect payments  through their field agents.

Who's Driving Mobile Payments? (Hint: Some Are Barely Old Enough to Drive) Companies looking to attract mobile-payment customers ought to be looking at 18- to 35-year-olds, according to a national study released today. Hitachi Consulting and the Bank Administration Institute (BAI) conducted the research, which shows that the “millennial” generation will likely drive mobile payment adoption in the coming years. Not only does the study help define who’s comfortable with payments on the go, but also what features are impor … Read More

via GigaOM


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