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Mobile Money Watch is where I opine on the latest trends in the world of mobile banking, payments and commerce.   In my previous life, as the co-founder and head of strategic business development at Mobile Money Ventures and SVP of  Growth Ventures at Citigroup, I invested, collaborated and influenced agendas in mobile banking and payment products for major financial institutions and bank ecosystem players.  Now as the co-founder of Zipmark, I am working on a bank agnostic money transfer system to enable consumers to move their money freely from one checking account to another without incurring enormous fees or suffering delays.  If you have a smartphone, signup for the beta at and follow Zipmark on Twitter.

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About Jayastu Bhattacharya:

408358866_913fa511a0.jpgMy name is Jayastu (Jay, Joy) Bhattacharya and I am a professional innovator, corporate executive and entrepreneur. I have been innovating across multiple industries, verticals, vectors, insert your favorite management consulting segment term here for nearly 15 years.

In 2009, after 24 months of planning and investment analysis, I co-founded Mobile Money Ventures, an independent, corporate spinout of Citigroup and SK Telecom which currently operates in Silicon Valley.  Prior to that, I was working as corporate VC at Citi helping to create the next evolution of Citi as the current business models come under increasing pressure. In the US that meant investing in new early stage businesses that would influence the financial services ecosystem and discovering new ways to leverage Citi’s existing assets. Internationally, that means getting into markets and scaling smartly through new capabilities and driving modern customer behavior in financial services.

Throughout my career, I’ve always focused on key consumer enablers, like mobile phones and remote distribution, that may provide the opportunity to create new value for the firm through deeper, higher quality consumer relationships with lower costs.

In my past, I have spent time starting and shutting down Internet startups (Gobi, Urban Box Office, GlobalFilings). I also gained experience in advertising, joining Publicis as they launched their first interactive agency (Novocorp) for clients such as General Motors, Continental Airlines, Proctor and Gamble and Ferragamo.During my time at Citigroup, I launched their first smart card card in the US, wireless account management platform and P2P payment service. I am now helping to start a formal innovation function and corporate venture fund with focus on mobility, healthy (financial) living and consumer-centric design.
I live in New York City with my family, who I love very much and blog about at

Email me: jb[at]neosophic[dot]com

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